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Future challenges require complex, resource intensive and timely solutions. Innovation is a key driver of our growth. For us, innovation is considered significantly better than the other area, even the competition. We take this as a recurring theme that accompanies almost every activity with in THA—from products design to whole solutions,from customer/partner relations to whole business process.

Innovation would challenges us to reach new heights in the area of automation!

Patents list

Date/Qty Registration NO Contents of a project
2017 / 1 2017SR030826 Vibration analysis system for transmission on-line loading test V1.0
2017 / 1 2017SR032126 Dynamic parameter monitor and control system for high accuracy servo press V1.0
2017 / 1 2017SR032136 AMT testing bed communication system based on CAN-Bus V1.0
2017 / 1 2017SR032305 On-line monitor driver software for driven axle V1.0
2017 / 1 2017SR032314 Intelligent gasket measuring and select system V1.0
2017 / 1 2017SR032307 Dynamic torque monitoring and control system for intelligent tightening machine V1.0
Date/Qty Registration NO Contents of a project
2017 / 1 201720100709.8 A high accuracy measuring axis
2017 / 1 201720100730.8 A conveyor backstop detector
2017 / 1 201720100731.2 A synchronous lifting and location device
2017 / 1 201720100685.6 A high speed rotary bearing seat
2017 / 1 201720100708.3 A sensor switch for conveyor pallet detection
2017 / 1 201720100718.7 A multi-position flexible location slide table with high payload

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