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For many years, THA has dedicated to its customers a combination of advanced products, installation and support, of the automatic assembly lines for automotive transmissions. The typical measurement needs are: shims determination for components positioning, pre-load on differential housing and gearboxes, meshing stations, back-lash verification ,etc.

Transmission Assembly Measuring

By relative measurement, distance between bearing surface to transmission case junction surface is been measured.In this process, dynamic measuring been applied to improve measuring accuracy, by drive the gear shaft to rotate and engage.

Transmission Housing Measuring

By relative and static measurement, distance between bearing hole end surface to transmission case junction surface is been measured.

Gearshift Mechanism Assembly Measuring

Machine measures the gap between differential side gear shoulder to corresponding posint on differential case, using the high accuracy displacement sensor, and then calculate the thickness of the side gear gasket.

Drag Torque Measuring

As the comprehensive evaluation index of the transmisson assembly quality, the key index of shifting (e.g. shifting force, shifting displacement,shift yoke static position,etc.) should been concerned.

Synchronizer Reserve Measuring

Using the direct measuring method to check if the Synchronizer reserve gap is kept within design allowance, which caused by machining error accumulation of the friction cone.

Clutch/Brake Gap Measuring

This machine measures the gap between clutch/brake after assembly, by simulating the friction disc been pressed tightly as the true working status of AT clutch and brake, make sure the allembly quality meet the requirement.

Final drive backlash Measuring

In this measuring process, main bevel gear shaft been locked, drive the passive gear rotate slightly to realize gear meshing forward and backward, passive gear rotation angle been measured directly and then calculate the backlash.

Benefits at a Glance

● Great breadth of experience from more than 10 years’ experience
● State-of-the-art measurement and technology
● High precision of measurement and reproducible measurement results

Key Word

● Dynamic measurement, multi parameter combination  (Height/Depth/Angle/Force/Torque, etc.)
● Relative/direct measurement technology
● Auxiliary parameter monitoring, data collection and analysis

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