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We know how fast our customers must respond to new markets and market developments.Our product range is structured modularly, including all the components for manual, semi- and fully automatic assembly of transmissions or axles.


Press is one of the most important tasks in the assembling process, which need precise pressure control, displacement control.


Bolt Connection is the most common method for product assembly. We offer solutions integrate one or more spindles into a single solution for applications that based on the process requirement.


Turn-Over Machine is used to change the product position and orientation precisely as process required.

Leak Testing

The leak test is implemented as methods for monitoring the production process and for the product quality control. The leak tests are used to find out possible leaks due to non-suitable material (porosity, blowholes, cracks), and finally during the a


Sealing applications, such as liquid gaskets, are very important to ensure products function. Transmission housing sealant applications, which make automation becomes possible and the cost reduction through lower labor requirements and fewer quality

Conveyor System

Conveyor System plays the key function in modern high capability production line. We offer various conveyor solutions (Power & Free Friction Roller/Speed Chain/Belt, etc.), together with other equipment, make sure the automation and flexibility of th

Benefits at a Glance

● Widely used experience
● State-of-the-art designing concept
● Customized services to meet customer’s requirement

Key words

● Modular concept
● Manual/Semi-Auto/Auto
● Intelligentialize

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