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Drive Axle

In the process of a continuous dialog with our customers and program implementation, we understood, response, and optimize the requirement of EOL testing, which help us accumulated abundant experience in this field.

Main Function

  ■ Higher rigidness, aseismatic/shock absorption ability of the base frame which makes sure the testing result won’t be interfered by other factor, when the Axle Assembly being driven in high speed.

  ■ Flexible control mode and higher dynamic property been take into account in drive and load spindle design, make accelerating, decelerating, speed stabilization, speed differential, torque change, and forward / reverse drag come possible. Otherwise , high torque load technology should be applied to suit the particularity of Axle Assembly transmission performance.

  ■ Take customers requirement and process requirement into concern, the control system could setup and realize test condition, also with the function of CAN-Bus communication, parameter visualization, process data acquisition /processing /analysis.  


Axle Assembly Test

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